You Won’t Believe Who This Guy Is Playing Football With

I must admit this guy’s got balls!
Kevin is playing football with a group of lions.

Source: Youtube / Van Gils

His name is Kevin Richardson and he is a South African animal behaviorist who works with many native animals in the wildlife culture of Africa. For the last 10 years, he’s lived and interacted with all different types of wild and naturally “aggressive” animals such as lions, leopards, cheetahs, tigers and hyenas.

Since Kevin was 23 years old, he was offered an opportunity to work with 2 lion cubs, both at 6 months old with the name of Tau and Napoleon. The connection between these 3 have only grown stronger ever since to a point where they can sleep together, eat together, cuddle together and even play football together.

Don’t believe me?

See it for yourself!

Big cats, lions, king of the jungle or whatever you want to call it, Kevin Richardson is not afraid to play ball with these powerful animals. In fact, he has a really unique way to interact with them. Instead of using a stick, whip, food or chain to train these animals. He believes in treating them with love and respect, kind of like how you would interact with a human friend.

However Kevin does NOT recommend anyone to try the same because he has been working and living with these lions for many years ever since they were cubs. So he knows their behaviors inside out and even though this is the case, he has been hurt by these animals before, though nothing too severe or fatal.

Just looking back at the title of this video, I think Kevin really is the first man on earth to play football with lions. Correct me if I’m wrong but look at the size of those legs and paws, like seriously…one accidental scratch from these big cats will probably be enough to send me straight to the ICU.

Really amazing bond you have there Kevin!

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