Could This Be The Worst Goal Of The Year 2016?

I almost felt sorry for him, but on second thought…nah!
Could this be the worst goal of the year?

Source: Youtube / Minnesota United FC

Just when you thought you have seen it all, especially knowing that we are already more than half way into year 2016, Sammy Ndjock from the Minnesota United FC came up with the shocker of the season. For those of you who don’t follow USA soccer much. Sammy Ndjock is the goal keeper for the Loons in the the North American Soccer League (NASL).

Captured on video and possibly shamed by his own club, Sammy came out of his area to secured the ball. Just when the fans thought they had dodged another bullet, he came up with this…

OMG! The background music made it even more funnier!

It appeared as though the 26 year old Cameroonian professional goalkeeper was looking for an unmarked player to throw the ball to, but then he somehow threw it back into his own net instead. Did he see a teammate back there somewhere?

When he realized his horrific mistake, he tried to make amend by chasing as hard as he could. Unfortunately by then it was too late and the referee had no choice but to award the goal to the opposition team. While his brain snap didn’t decide the outcome of the friendly match (they ended up losing 4-0), but it certainly didn’t help his team’s aura…if there was one.

So back to why I said I didn’t feel sorry for the bloke. Well firstly he is a professional footballer who is getting paid, probably very well too for what he is doing and secondly, we all love a fail video every once in a while…so nothing wrong with that. At least his club thinks so too LOL.

So what did you think?

Was this the worst goal of the year or what?

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