World’s First Man To Skydive 7600 Meters With No Parachute!

I had to watch it a few more times before believing…
Luke Aikins skydived 7600m

Source: Youtube / euronews

Luke Aikins, a 42 year old US skydiver recently became the first man in the world to skydive 7600 meters (250,000 feet) without a parachute or gliding suit. The death defying stunt was executed successfully in Simi Valley, California, but it took over 18 months for Luke to prepare.

According to the veteran who has skydived more than 18,000 times since he was 12 years of age, many people begged him to wear a backup emergency chute for the feat, but he declined and insisted in creating history. Well…he certainly created history alright and possibly a world record the moment he jumped off that plane.

Before you watch this, take a few deep breaths because it is absolutely breathtaking!

I don’t know about you, but to me, this guy is nuts to even attempt something like this. Even though it appeared he landed almost into the center of the safety net, but if you’ve seen the shot from his head camera, the slightest angle difference (where he is travelling…or falling) could have been an absolute disaster. And i’m sure you will agree that the target didn’t look too big from up there.

It’s like playing one of those “land the plane” type of games if you know what I mean?

Anyways, good on you Mr Aikins for pulling off this crazy stunt beautifully and I’m also very glad that you are still alive in one piece. I do wonder though if there’s anyone out there who will be game enough to challenge your record. It’s not like someone can lift 500kg everyday.

I guess we’ll see in another 18 months…

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