Protective Mother Instinct? Woman with baby fights off gunman with bare hands!

A french woman was carrying a baby inside a cafe when a gunman suddenly stormed in demanding money. As cool as you’ll see like Bruce Willis in his action movies, she calmly puts the baby down before fighting the robber out of the cafe, literally with her bare hands!

So I guess it’s true, a mother will do anything to protect her baby no matter how bad the situation may seem, even if there was a gun pointed to her head. I think they call this the protective mother instinct, similar to a territorial crocodile trying to protect her baby eggs.

I honestly don’t know what to make of this, but she definitely has guts!

Okay I have a confession to make now, because according to the telegraph, this gutsy woman was not the mother of the baby. In fact, she was the owner of the cafe and was simply trying to protect her shop and her customers. At the time of the incident, she was cuddling the new born and when the masked gunman crashed into the shop, she calmly returned the baby back to the mother and then turned around to fight off the robber.

Thankfully, another customer also came to her aid by using a stool to join in the scuffle. As for the gunman, he obviously chose the wrong woman to pick on and was later arrested by the police.

Well done!

Did you think this woman was courageous?

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