Woman Trapped In Dangerous Flood, So He Took This Risk To Save Her!

When he did it, I seriously thought he was gone.
This man saved the woman trapped in flood

Source: Facebook / Nghe gì xem gì

An American woman was trapped inside a car in Ellicott City, Maryland, when large floods of muddy water dominated the road she was traveling on. Before she had time to react, the powerful stream had already surrounded her car and not showing any signs of mercy. A group of people saw the trapped woman pleading for help, but due to the strong current, they weren’t exactly sure how to save her.

As the situation became more dangerous, the woman attempted to use her vehicle to escape the area, but was stopped by the group when they saw where she was headed…trouble! The flooding was getting worse by the second and time was running out fast, so the group decided to form a human rope, by holding hands one by one, in a bid to rescue the lady in the vehicle.

Unfortunately, it appeared they were missing an “extra” pair of hands and fell just short of reaching her. Everyone started to scream desperately for her to get out of the car, hoping that she could reach out to the closest man near her. But against the strong flow of water, she couldn’t open her car door so the side window was her only route of escape.

When the woman climbed half way out the window, she can be seen in obvious fear and distress. It was at this very moment, the man nearest to her took matters into his own hands. He decided to go solo in the rescue mission and did it with absolute courage!

WARNING: This video contains strong language.

(Actually a lady can be heard swearing in the background, but then…she was only desperate for the woman’s safety. So I guess no one can really blame her…)

Phew…that was close and I honestly thought when that man slipped over, he was gone for all money, dragged under and away by the powerful floods, see you later. Miraculously, he somehow got back onto his own feet, picked up the lady and then carried her back to safety like a hero.

Okay humans, what you just witnessed here is a true hero who risked his own life for others. The guy is not even a professional rescuer and most likely have never been trained to handle this kind of situation. So for him to take that extra step without backup and against that aggressive water, is not something that many people can do or have the guts to do.

Truly inspiring!