Woman opened large clam and found these WOW!

Amazing, but why was i more focused on the meat??

Perhaps this is the difference between men and women because as we all know, pearls are very popular among women and is one of the prefer jewelery for some. We also know how pearls are formed….no? Okay basically when a foreign matter enters an oyster shell, the oyster body will release a substance that will transform the foreign property into a pearl.

To be honest, most biological seashell creatures have the ability to create pearl, but it is rather rare to find pearls inside a clam, just like this lucky lady below.

Pearls can also form inside a clam Photo Credit

Naturally formed pearls are especially rare these days as many are simply cultured by oyster farmers. When this woman opened this giant clam, she found more than a dozen of them….so how can anyone not envy her?

Now back to what I was focusing on…the clam meat, well I just really like seafood.

Seriously, I was more interested in having a bite.

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