This is exactly why helping people, even just a little, will bring you TRUE HAPPINESS!

Everyday he does something that most people will ignore and probably think it’s stupid. He helps anything he can find in the smallest possible ways. Whether it is people, plants, animals or just things….as if he is planting seeds everywhere in the garden. He doesn’t expect any fruition though nor anything in return. He just does it for the sake of….helping.

Eventually, these seeds will begin grow. Why? Because he saw the changes he was able to bring to other people, other things and this was giving him happiness…TRUE HAPPINESS!

By the way, this video was produced in Thailand and spoken in Thai language, but don’t worry because it comes with subtitle…and it’s short, so check it out.

Source: YouTube / MotivationUS

How did you find it?

Really, in the scene where the little girl came back to her mother in school uniform, i almost burst into tears. That was like the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my entire life, in human beings! As we all know, education is really important, especially to children and what this gentleman did, what this good man did literally changed this little girls life…forever!

Then of course there is the plant, the dog, the elderly lady and all. As the saying goes, sometimes it’s the little things we do that matters and you too can start doing the smallest things to make a difference to other people, to this world. This will also make you a hero…at least in my eyes!

Now if you watched this video all the way to the end, you will realize that it’s in fact an advertising commercial for a Thailand Insurance company. How this video corresponds to life insurance is a question I don’t want to get into. (I mean…how??)

Either way, I thought it was a wonderfully produced video with a very strong, deep and beautiful message so it definitely deserved our time to SHARE.

Please do the same if you liked it also.