The Reason Why This Bride Wanted To Cancel Wedding Is Embarrassing!

At first it was romantic, then LOL!

Okay, we’ve all heard about some of the crazy things that goes on in China. Recently there has been a trend happening in the wedding industry in which the groom will pick up the bride in a motorcycle. It’s no doubt a cost effective way to save on rental vehicles and can actually be quite romantic…if done right.

Say this guy in the video for example. He was only following the latest trend. Or perhaps he’s just one of those “Poor but Rich In The Heart” type who simply wants a wife. Nothing wrong with his style and I was pretty sure the bride from behind was enjoying the moment too.

Until this happened…


You can’t help but feel sorry for the bride and as for the groom…what a legend haha!

He didn’t even realize she fell off the motorbike and continued his way, just riding along…and probably singing a chinese romance song at the same time.

You just gotta give it to this guy!

Hail The Groom

Via Giphy

Now for the ladies out there. Let me ask you this. Would this be a good enough reason for the bride to cancel her wedding? Please SHARE.