Which city in America is the MOST expensive to rent? The answer will surprise you and it’s not New York!

Ever wonder which city is the most expensive to rent in the United States? Well, most people would probably say New York (including me), but according to the latest research, it appears that the most expensive city of all is in fact San Francisco.

Base on a report conducted by ApartmentList.com, it clearly indicated that over the past year starting from Feb 2015 to Feb 2016, the national price index have increased by 3.2% overall. This report is base on the medium rental price of 2 bedroom apartments and here are the ranking from dearest to cheapest.

See for yourself.

Highest Rent City

1st – San Francisco, $4800 per month

2nd – New York, $4470 per month

3rd – Jersey City, $3150 per month

4th – Washington, $2980 per month

5th – Boston, $2900 per month

6th – San Jose, $2650 per month

7th – Los Angeles, $2650 per month

8th – Seattle, $2460 per month

9th – Stamford, $2360 per month

10th – Chicago, $2060 per month

So there you go folks, if you have been thinking about moving to another city then these are the sort of rental commitment expected. Not to mention other daily expenses such as food, electricity, phone bills, travel cost…do you really want me to go on? Yeah…I thought so, but you got the point 🙂

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