When a balloon meets an orange, it almost killed someone?

Recently, there’s been a shocking news spreading on the internet regarding a kid in China who almost got killed while playing with an air balloon. An adult from Hang Zhou was playing with this child while eating an orange. The balloon suddenly exploded and it’s debris flew into this child’s throat almost choking him to death.

After some investigation, it was later found out that the attempted murderer was in fact an orange!

You see, when this unusual case started circling online, people have been doing an experiment on it. First, a balloon was blown to it’s capacity, tightened and then placed onto a flat table surface. An orange is then placed next to it and we can see that once the tester started peeling it’s skin, within a few seconds, a loud bang was heard and the balloon popped right in front of our eyes.

Check it out!


Apparently not and there’s a good explanation for this. (Don’t worry, i’ll make this quick!)

You see, the orange skin contains a high concentration of limonene and when this compound meets material such as soft rubber or latex, which is mainly what balloons are made out of, it will cause a chemical reaction which will actually thinner the rubber, hence causing the explosion.

Okay, let’s not get too technical here.

So to all parents, please do not let your kids play with balloons next to a orange.

OMG, that sounded so wrong…but you know what i mean 🙂

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