Underwater Engagement Ceremony – Till Sharks Do Us Apart!

Thrill seekers may find this engagement ceremony very interesting.

An American couple who also happens to be scuba diving enthusiasts decided to celebrate their engagement in the most romantic way, a deep underwater ceremony. Surrounded by crystal clear blue water and a school of fish, both small and “large”, it is no doubt one of the most beautiful scene.

Equipped with scuba diving gear and a big oxygen tank, the man can be seen kneeling before another scuba diver, the bride to be. He took the ring out and put it onto her finger while the group of fish swimming around seems to be the guest of the party witnessing the very special moment.

Until a few of the larger ones got closer and closer.

Yes, those large predators are real sharks with real sharp teeth, so what this pair of lovers done here is truly amazing, dramatically taking engagement to another level. Now try and beat that you rich bastards!

Did you notice the number of cameramen involved?

If I had to guess, I’ll say that either they are paid a lot of money or they simply love sharks way too much to take on this job. Seriously, if I was a wedding photographer, there is no way I’m going anywhere near those sea monsters and I don’t care how much the couple pays me.

Thankfully, these predators are what’s known as Lemon Sharks and according to the records, only 22 attacks were ever reported on these species and none of them were fatal.

But still…if you look at the size of them…would you take the risk?

Crazy couple and truly made for each other testing the concept of – Till Sharks Do Us Apart!

Geez…I wonder what these love birds have up their sleeves on their actual wedding day?

Imagine getting an invitation?


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