Tourist was using his phone to capture the beautiful scenery of Pearl Harbour, until a helicopter came “CRASHING” in.

A tourist from the state of Wisconsin was enjoying the beautiful scenery when he noticed something unusual with a sightseeing helicopter above him. The next thing he saw will give him nightmares for weeks to come as the helicopter came crashing down in front of his very own eyes.

This may sound like a scene from the movies, but it is absolutely real. The horrifying moment was captured in a 22 seconds video by Shawn Winrich, who was obviously shocked, but when he realized what was really happening, he stopped recording immediately and jumped right in for the rescue.

Seriously, don’t even blink!

According to Shawn, this was the same helicopter he went on two weeks prior, when he enjoyed a sightseeing tour with Genesis Helicopters. He said that safety videos and instructions were shown to all passengers on how to release safety belts both before and on the actual aircraft. Luckily, Shawn didn’t need to use the safety skills learned on the day of his sightseeing tour.

Unfortunately, the other family weren’t so lucky as one of the aboard passenger, a 16 year old Canadian didn’t survive the incident due to injuries. The other 4 adults including the pilot were known to have survived and are in stable conditions.

This was no doubt a shocking accident that nobody wants to happen. Our best wishes and sincerest prayers goes to the family involved.