Toddler performs the most impossible balancing act, but was there an invisible entity holding him?

A recent video uploaded on youtube went viral due to a creepy act performed by a toddler. He was apparently trying to get out of his crib by climbing up onto the rail. Denying gravity and basic physics, he was able to stand on the rail with both arms wide open screaming out mommy for approx. 20 seconds before he fell back down onto his bed.

Many people suggest that the child was possessed, but assuming that possession is real, then i don’t think the child will be screaming and crying like that if he was. See for yourself.

Source: Youtube / Chris and Keelan Chronicles

This child was literally crying and screaming with everything he’s got, as if he saw something that frightened him dramatically. He then tried to get out of his cot and when he reached up, you will see the most amazing balancing act by any toddlers, as if an invisible entity was holding him.

Seriously, and I even spent some time to create this animated gif to show you what I mean. Please check it out and let me know.

Leaning Back

You see, i’ve analysed this frame by frame and you can clearly see that the moment before the baby fell back to his bed, his body sort of lean backwards. Really, at that moment, he should have fell already, but he was still able to twist and turn his body looking back, as if someone, an entity (poltergeist, devil, I hope an angel) was there holding him…but of course, that’s just my thinking and it’s creeping me out the more I think about it.

Anyway, though many people have left comments suggesting that it was simply good balance from the kid, but if you really think about it….how could he balance so well if his emotions were so “unstable” in the first place? It’s kid for cry out loud!

Some can even hear a woman laughing towards the end of the video. I couldn’t hear it (luckily) and i pretty much maxed out my speaker. Could you hear it?

Then there are others who have suggested that the video was fake and can be easily done due to it’s grey scale nature and poor lightings. The same question was even asked to the parents who were interviewed by “Inside Edition” due to it’s viral nature and here’s their response.

Source: Youtube / Inside Edition

As you can see, the father claimed that the video is 100% real, but opinions were divided in the online space. Regardless, a section of people didn’t care about the father’s sincerity and instead questioned the parent’s whereabouts when this poor child was in need. (Parenting guide…anyone?)

What about you?

Do you think this is real?

Or you couldn’t care less and just wish this child all the very best?

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