When a toddler does this, it’s cute and adorable, but when an adult does the same….absolutely disgusting!

As we should all know by now that life can be unfair at times. In fact, it is always unfair when it comes to adults and kids. You see, kids are given licenses to do basically anything they want without being targeted as childish, fools, stupid, gross or outright disgusting!

Just like this toddler here and even though what she’s done was a perfectly normal human interaction. She is simply releasing unwanted gas from her body, which is a natural and healthy thing to do and because of the sound, it seems to be a really funny thing for her. As for me, I done pretty much exactly the same thing last week and was immediately called a disgusting animal by my own wife! So…I’m not too happy with the double standards here.

Take a look because when she does it, it’s cute and adorable and when I do it…

Yes, she farted and also had a good laugh about it. Well so did I….and I also had a good laugh by myself, so why is her’s cute and mine’s not. I’m sure both farts smell just as bad, so why am I being called a pig here (Yes, that’s the animal I was being called by my own family…a disgusting pig!).

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(Sorry, I’m still a bit pissed!)