Time traveler? 1500 year old human corpse found wearing Adidas shoes!

The sporting world went a little berserk last week because of what some archaeologists discovered on a 1500 year old human corpse, found inside one of the high mountains in Mongolia. It appears this ancient mummy was wearing a pair of Adidas shoes! Yes and many people have since suggested that this remain could be a time traveler who accidentally died in the wrong time.

According to The Serbian Times, the initial analysis of this corpse belongs to a female from the 6th century. The body is yet to be unwrapped and we can only see the arms and feet. However, it became even more interesting when they noticed the type of footwear this woman was wearing. It had a distinctive marking with stripes very similar to the modern Adidas sneakers.

Check it out!

Mummy wearing adidas? Source: Khovd Museum / The Serbian Times

Adidas Shoes

Isn’t that unreal? If they were indeed created back thousands of years ago, then Adidas should really pay these craftmen royalty for using their designs. After all, it was suggested by the archeologists that it was an incredible finding to showcase their skills back in time. But then, aren’t these archeologists meant to be scientists? So surely, they must somehow believe that time travel is possible one way or another, even though I don’t really know what Archaeology is all about.

Do we have any real evidence of time travelers?

Ever since the internet became the “real thing”, people have been uploading so called evidence of time travellers. Some of them are simply incidents that people have encountered and told others themselves, while others seem to have real photo proof like our mummy with adidas shoes here. Whatever the case might be, we’ll let you decide for yourself with the most popular and worthy case studies.

So what do you think?

Are we becoming too obsessed with “Back to the future” or what?

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