2 Year Old Girl Prepares Tea Party – Thank Cop He Saved Her!

We sometimes forget who really protects us…

This is a true story about a hero, Patrick Ray, a Texas police officer sent to a little girl’s aid when she needed it most, right before she almost choked to death. On July 26th 2015, Tammy Norvell experienced what every parent calls a nightmare. She saw her 1 year old daughter, Bexley Norvell choking on a coin.

When she realized the toddler’s face was turning blue, she immediately dialed 911 and Patrick Ray was the quickest officer to respond. When he arrived, literally within minutes, he calmly cleared the toddler’s airway and saved her life.

Here’s their story featured in CBS News:

“Today could be the day I was picking out a casket for my little girl. Every parent’s nightmare, I could be living it right now,” (Tammy Norvell)

“What makes it special is from here on out, I get to see her grow up,”
(Officer Ray)

“I won’t ever forget this man and I told his wife, you know I’m going to think of your husband every single day for the rest of my life and I hope she’s okay with that,” (Tammy Norvell)

One year later, the mother decided to do something really special for the both of them, and as a proper way of saying thank you once again to officer Patrick Ray. She hired Chelle Cates Photography to do a professional photo shoot of them celebrating their anniversary in a cute tea party.

Absolutely beautiful photos by Chelle Cates Photograph. Very professional, stunning settings with the cutest 2 year old princess and of course, the bravest hero in the world who saved a precious life.

Thank Cop He Saved Her…

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