Swollen pink fish with ALIEN eyes caught in Cabo Mexico! WARNING, it looks very ugly!

A video emerged last week with a species so “Extraterrestrial” that you may think twice about eating sushi again. Pink skin, swollen tummy with very strange eyes…could this really be an alien fish?

Alien Eyes Fish

I don’t know about you, but I felt rather unsettled when I saw those eyes.

Alien Head

Thankfully, fish experts have confirmed that this ugly looking species is in fact a very rare Albino Shark, aka Cephaloscyllium Ventriosum (marine life term) or a Swellshark. It was caught by Jaime Rendon, Captain of Dr. Pescado at approx. 1.7km away from shore with water deep level of 112 meters.

It actually belongs to the catshark family, but this particular catch had less spots and colors, so experts suggest it may have albinism disease. There are 3 gill slits on each side and also 3 rows of small teeth making it even more unusual. The reason why it had a blown up tummy was because they believe that by sucking in water and air, it will make it harder for their preys to attack them.

Really Weird…see it for yourself.

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