Strong Man Almost Died After Lifting 500kg!

This is one of, if not, the strongest man alive…just!

His name is Eddie Hall, a world famous heavyweight lifter with nickname “The Beast”. Competing in the deadlift championship of 2016, Eddie was determined to break the previous world record of 465kg (he was actually the holder too) by lifting a world record smashing 500kg! Well, he certainly broke that on the day…plus more, including one of the arteries in his brain.

Standing almost 6″5 tall and weighing an impressive 182kg, Eddie Hall is no average joe, in fact he kind of reminded me of that big Russian dude, Zangief in the classic arcade game Street Fighter. On the day of the competition surrounded by screaming fans, Eddie wasn’t going to disappoint anyone. Holding firmly onto the bar, with 250kg of weight plates spreading securely and equally onto each end, he prepared for the heaviest battle of his life.

As he bend his back and started working his muscles, you can clearly see the half a ton barbell moving upwards. After straightened his legs, the challenge was declared a success but it was at this instance Eddie started shaking uncontrollably to the point where he dropped to his knees. Apparently he popped an artery and his nose started to bleed. Staff attended to him very quickly while the crowd continually chanting his name without knowing what was going on. Check out the video…

Luckily Eddie Hall is ok, but after this incident he is fairly certain that unless someone can break his current 500kg record, otherwise he will never attempt this sort of weight range again as it almost costed his life.

Well who can really blame you, it’s not like anyone of us is gonna lift 500kg anytime soon…not even close.

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