No disrespect, but this man almost met Steve Irwin to discuss their fatal experience

Who can ever forget how Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) left us and while most of us who knew him have already grieved over his shocking news, there is no denying though, that his unfortunate accident had something to do with his own doing.

Sure, we all know to never intimidate an animal in the wild. But then, who would have thought the same thing could happen when you are simply enjoying a day out to the sea, fishing on the safety of your own boat. WARNING: You won’t believe how close it was…

The big marlin fish narrowly missed this guy’s head, eyes, chest…whatever, but how they were still able to laugh straight afterwards was beyond believe. Well, it only happened like 5 seconds ago….very long time indeed, crazy Australians!

By the way, it has been exactly 10 years since Steve Irwin left us so we thought it may be nice to recap who he was, what exactly happened to him, how he loved the animals, the sea creatures and of course, to remind us to keep ourselves safe in the wild. (I’m sure this is what Steve wants to tell us also…but RIP dear friend, we really got the message this time, cheers!)

You’ve got to admire his bravery (or love) for these man eaters.


Then, here’s the tragic news that brought Australia and the rest of the world to a halt…

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