His Russian Death Stare Scared The Crap Out Of A Bear?

And the OSCAR goes to…The Bear!

When you see a bear in the wild, most people will choose to either RUN AWAY as quickly as they could or PRETEND they are dead in the hope that the bear will lose interest. Who would have thought that you can also scare it off by giving it a DEATH STARE? Don’t believe us? Well…a Russian guy did it!

Recently a video emerged online creating a buzz around the internet. In the video, a man can be seen sitting down on one of the park seats when a wildlife bear suddenly snuck up behind him. When the people around him saw what was happening, they were worried for him and his safety. The man though had another plan…

As calm as you will like, this Russian dude simply turned his head around and gave our furry friend here a death stare. When the bear met him eye to eye, it literally scared the crap out of him making him jump up and away as quickly as he could. Check it out!

What really happened here…nobody knows or perhaps too much vodka really do give you superpowers. Whatever the case might be, this Russian death scare really did it’s job scaring the bear away.

WARNING: This technique will not work for everyone.

Firstly, you need to be Russian and secondly according to real wildlife experts. One should never climb a tree or play dead when they see a bear in a similar scenario. That’s because bears are good tree climbers and they are also omnivorous, which means they can eat almost anything. So if you pretend to be dead, they might see you as a free meal and start biting on your flesh.

This bear may have been scared and climbed a tree.

What you should do instead is run away in a S style, left, right, left, right. That’s because bears tend to have larger bodies so they are not as good in changing directions quickly. When they see you running away like this, they might just give up and label you an idiot. But then like most theories, this technique is just an urban myth…so try it at your own risk.

This website however gave us a different insight as to what you should do when coming face to face with all different types of bears including black, brown, grizzly and even panda bear. Again, we don’t know if their techniques work either…so we’ll let you be the judge for this one too.

But wait, what about a polar bear?

Oh that’s right…the poor fella is still trapped inside a shopping mall hoping to get back into the wild some day. So if you still have a few minutes to spare, make sure you pay him a visit.

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