This REAL story taught us that if you don’t give up and just keep going, then you simply CANNOT fail!

Each day, people from all over the world wake up with a reason. What that reason might be will depend on his or her personal circumstances. Each individual will most certainly have a goal, maybe 2, maybe more, that they are trying to achieve and accomplish within a certain time frame. The sad reality is though, that most will choose to give up because they can’t see the finishing line, so eventually will fail.

Today, we want to take you back some 24 years ago to the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. On this day, Derek Redmond shocked the nation…and the rest of the world with his sheer determination. Now before we go on, it is important you understand that Derek wasn’t a winner, in fact he has never won an olympic medal, but what he did that day has touched millions.

Here’s how the story goes:

Any athletics can tell you how painful it is to snap a hamstring so you can clearly see how much Derek wanted to finish this race. His father couldn’t bear watching on the side and had to jump in despite securities trying to intercept him. At this point, it wasn’t even about winning anymore, it has nothing to do with it. Derek was doing it for himself. He has trained so hard to be there and he wasn’t going to give up with without crossing the finish line, no matter how painful the journey will be.

So what about you?

Do you have any unfinished business?

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