How A Random Act Of Kindness Took Only 7 Seconds

The truth is anyone can do it, but sadly…most don’t!

A good samaritan (average guy actually) showed us how anyone can do a random act of kindness in just 7 seconds. The video was shot by a bystander on the street of Antigua Guatemala, south of Mexico in Central America. It featured a man who saw a homeless guy sleeping on the street on bare feet.

So when our man here, who appears to be a tourist, saw this homeless guy with no shoes on, he quickly took off his own shoes and gave it to the fella. A really warm act of kindness…

People who saw the video left comments to praise the kind hearted gentleman. We…on the other hand saw something more. Firstly, we really admired how quickly it took him to react to the situation and just off took his shoes without hesitation. Secondly, he gave the fella a pat in the back as well before walking away bare footed.

This all happened in only 7 seconds.

So for all the muppets out there, have you got an extra 7 seconds you can spare in your life?

Or are you this type of people…

Homeless Money

Source: Imgur

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