OMG! This is proof right here, GODZILLA is REAL!!

When I first saw these images, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Ok, I’ve always been a big fan of Japanese films, especially monster films such as Gamera and of course, the all time famous Godzilla. Seriously, I even have many posters in my bedroom ever since I was a kid.

I’ve always believed that Godzilla is real (I still do…sort of), but the only problem was, I never had proof so my parents never believed me. Well, things are about to change today because I finally can prove to the world that….are you ready…haha…that GODZILLA IS REAL!

Check it out man!

Source: YouTube / Steve Winkworth

Did you see it, how cool is that…right?

Sure, this version is probably 10 million times smaller than my childhood hero, but hey…i’ll take what I can get in the real world ok?

Now in case you’re wondering what this little monster is, well it is a Marine Iguana, a type of iguana or reptile that is able to dive under water up to 25m deep. In fact, it is the only kind of iguana in the world that are able to do so without drowning to death.

Truly amazing creature! Just look at the way this little guy swims and feeds on those rocks munching on those seaweeds. Being the only species in the lizard family to do so, i doubt he will have any competition whatsoever (food wise). But i wonder if this little bugger gets attack by other predators though, SHARKS!!!

By the way, they are currently listed as endangered species, so if you do see one, make sure you keep my friend safe ok…pretty please.

And please also let others know by SHARING. (I owe you one)