Private Water Slide – Sent A Texas Man Flying And Crashing!

How he managed to survive that fall is just insane!

David Salmon from United States became very popular overnight after his waterslide accident video went viral on social media. Along with a group of friends, they rented a holiday house that came with a private water slide. Eager to get rid of the summer heat, David went onto the slide to cool his body…but then things got a bit too slippery.

As you will see from the video that’s been viewed over 3 million times on facebook. David was just sliding down the homemade waterslide…nothing unusual until he lifted his arm in an effort to use the palm of his hand to slow down his momentum. That’s because he realized he was travelling a little too fast. Unfortunately for him, it was too late to do anything about it. The next thing we know, he literally flew off the bend of the slide, landed 10 feet below and onto a rocky surface.

David suffered a broken arm, fractured ribs and a couple of lacerations. Luckily for him, nothing life threatening though according to his latest post, he will now require surgery for his arm.

This is the video he shared. Check it out.

What was supposed to be a fun vacation turned out to be a painful one.

In saying that, we are glad that it wasn’t a fatal one but looks like he won’t be getting on another water slide anytime soon.

Certainly not a private one anyway…