Would You Rescue This Polar Bear Trapped In Shopping Mall?

Seriously…they put a polar bear inside a shopping center?

Those of us who knows even a little bit about animals and the wild will understand the needs of a polar bear. They are a totally different breed that belongs in the wild, in the cold, not inside a shopping complex….seriously?

I don’t know about you but some people are already naming this animal “The Saddest Polar Bear In The World” and I must admit I agree with them, very much. According to several sources, this polar bear is currently being held “captive” inside a grandview aquarium situated in Guangzhou, China. It is apparently part of a large shopping mall where thousands of people are attracted to the complex daily just to take a selfie with the poor fellow.

This is the shopping mall where live animals are used to attract shoppers. Image Credit – Beautiful shopping mall so why use a live animal to attract shoppers?

People taking photos of bear in shopping center Image Credit – A shopping center is NOT a zoo, animals need proper care…not flashlights!!

Now I have nothing against China and have many Chinese friends whom I cherish for life. In saying that, what the management of this giant corporation is doing to this animal just outright upsets me. And I’m sure my Asian friends will agree with me too!

To make matters worst, it appears that the bear is not the only animal being exhibited inside this shopping mall. There are also arctic wolves, sea otters, fishes and also a beluga whale who are stuck in this building all living in very poor conditions.

These sea otters certainly don't belong here!! Image Credit – Just look at it! These sea otters don’t belong here…certainly NOT in this tiny fish tank!! Heartbroken 🙁

Thankfully there are organizations that truly cares and one of them is the Animals Asia group who have started a petition in an effort to free the sad polar bear trapped inside this complex. Here is a video that have helped caught the eyes of many and through their efforts, they have now obtained more than 150,000 signatures.

You can also help these animals by signing up for the petition here. You will find more information and learn more about the current situation.

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The animals will thank you and I will thank you.