This restaurant owner installed a fridge on the street to feed hungry people

Call it a clever marketing stunt or whatever, but this female restaurant owner from India has changed the way her eatery treats it’s left over foods by installing a public fridge on the street. Anyone who needs food will have access to this open fridge and it gets refilled daily, not only by her own restaurant, but also others nearby.

Minu Pauline is the owner of this famous restaurant, Pappadavada, located in Kochi, India. One day, she saw a homeless woman trying to find food from the trash and was deeply disturbed by the sight. Thinking how much food goes to waste each day by her own restaurant, she realized it was time to make some changes.

So what did she do?

New fridge in front entry Source: Facebook

Opening day of fridge Source: Facebook

Stocking food inside fridge Source: Facebook

Feeding the poor Source: Facebook

Yes, she installed a new fridge just outside the main entry so that her customers can put their leftover foods in. Not only that, her own restaurant also has many unconsumed food which goes inside this fridge as well. To ensure that no food poisoning will occur, she asked anyone who contributed to mark their bags with a date. However, this may not be needed as foods are often gone as quickly as they are restocked.

Given how many people go through hunger each day in India, this was a welcomed idea fully supported by the community. Many news reports have since covered the story bringing more awareness to this society problem. Here’s what she told Huffintonpost.

“Money is yours but resources belong to society, that’s the message I want to send out. If you’re wasting your money, it’s your money, but you’re wasting the society’s resources. Don’t waste the resource, don’t waste the food.”

Very true words indeed and while she can’t help the millions who lives in poverty and hunger, let’s hope her idea will inspire other states, and even countries to follow suit. I can’t really fault her idea in this one, but if the words keeps spreading out, she may need a bigger refrigerator anytime soon.

My only suggestion would be to place this fridge in a place somewhere there will be a bit more privacy, because I must admit, it seem quite humiliating when I first saw this. But then on second thought, to these people, this is food sent from heaven and this restaurant owner is definitely the angel. Either way, a really smart and kind lady who is doing a wonderful thing for her community. Truly deserves the recognition!

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