NASA released an image of someone running on Mars?

An image was recently released by NASA showing a cave mural or painting of a person running besides a snake. According to Scott C Waring, an UFO investigator, he believed this was created by Martians and is proof that there is (or was) life on Mars.

When I first saw this, I also thought that it was the work of ancient aliens, kind of like caveman or barbarians in human terms…so it was quite intriguing. But then the more I looked at it, the…anyway. Scott specifically compared the similarity of this Mars painting to the ones on earth in Matopos National Park, Zimbabwe, South of Africa.

Mars Cave Painting Source: Youtube

Earth Cave Painting Source: Youtube

The image that the curiosity rover captured did show some similarity with our earth paintings. But then, do they even have snakes up there on Mars? I mean…why would they carve something like that?

But hey, don’t mind me, just listen to the “expert” below.

I don’t know about you, but honesty, I’m still not too convinced that this is sufficient evidence to suggest that there is life on Mars. That type of pattern can easily develop over the years of corrosion, giving us a false sense of whatever that is. Well you know, like when we look at the sky, the clouds and then we see a donkey or a pizza….ring any bells?

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