Mysterious (Flying) Object Glaring In The Night Sky Above Airport

It almost looks like a portal to another dimension

The internet went crazy over a recent video capturing a mysterious light glaring and flying above the night sky of an airport. Whatever this thing was, it created an illuminating ring along it’s track looking like a doorway to another dimension.

The funny thing about this object was that it travelled at a really slow pace. With this kind of speed, I guess we can eliminate the thought of an UFO because that kind of pace will make alien technology look embarrassing!

Check it out.

No doubt this was a strange phenomenon and the social media exploded with all different kind of theories ranging from a comet, a giant alien tadpole to something even more ridiculous as the “Sky-Sperm”. So it was only a matter of time before we dug deeper into this while “thing” and found the perfect explanation.

Apparently a similar light was captured back in September 2015 and this is what it was…

Yes, it’s just a rocket launch from a distance and sorry to the Star War fans who were hoping for something a little more “SCI FI”.

Regardless, it is still an amazing sight…don’t you agree?