The Makeunder Effect Of This Punk Girl Will Totally Shock You!

What was this punk girl thinking all this time?

Mel Wildman is a 21 year old British girl who’s an obsessed die hard fan of the “Punk” rocker style. From heavy makeups, tattoos, face piercings, shaved head to spike jackets, she will put anything and do everything possible on her body to magnify that unique taste. Even her mother can’t stand her at times…

Not many people have seen the natural beauty hidden beneath her heavy makeovers so when she decided to go on the “Snog, Marry, Avoid” transformation show. It almost made national headline…almost.

Now for those who are unsure about this TV show from BBC, it is one of Britain’s most popular reality show in which contestants are given a complete “Makeunder” instead of a makeover, stripping them from their outrageous addictions so that everyone can see their natural beauty.

This makes Mel Wildman a perfect candidate.

See it and believe it!

I guess we can all say that Mel’s transformation was a complete success! Not only did it WOW each and every audiences who watched this particular episode, Mel was also in complete disbelief herself.

And dear friend, this is exactly why I always believe that natural beauty is the best!

In saying that, nobody should judge her…at least she was comfortable being herself.