Magician Said It’s Never Been Done Before, Then OMG He Ate Money!

Eating notes was entree, what happened next blew my guts!
This magician ate money in his performance.

Source: Youtube / America’s Got Talent

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all on the popular TV Hit show “America’s Got Talent”. This California magician came up with something even better. As soon as he stepped on stage, he explained how his magic has never been done before and when that got everyone’s attention (not their trust…yet), he asked if he could perform the magic on the judges table.

And this is when I thought to myself…here we go again.

I mean…I already lost count of how many of these “Close Encounters” we’ve seen performed around the judges table, so I really wasn’t too keen to continue watching. Next up, I need to borrow some dollar bills…blah blah blah and just when I was about to hit the “Stop” button, he ate money!

From there on, i’m just glad I kept watching because…OMG!

How he managed to connect the corners back together with the notes, I’ll never know…but how he managed to connect that $1 corner onto the $100 note and vice versa, I really want to know!

My only question is, will the banks actually take it?

Regardless, this is an amazing magic trick that’s WOW the judges and it certainly has WOW me.

What about you?

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