LIVE Crab Tried To Escape From A Thailand Salad Dish?

This is probably why you shouldn’t eat on the roadside…

A Thailand facebook user recently posted a video online of him eating what looked like a deliciously refreshing salad when a live crab suddenly started moving and tried to escape from his plate. Since posted, the short video has been viewed more than 2.5 million times.

Covered in chilli, garlic and fish soy sauce, the crab didn’t know which direction to run. Luckily the guy wasn’t interested in eating a fresh raw crab either so he used a spoon and helped the crab to a cleaner plate, which was holding a fried fish at the time. After he finished his meal…he took the crab with him and released it to a nearby river.

Here’s the clip he posted:

According to the locals, this type of Thailand salad usually comes with a small crab. When chilli, cucumber, other sauces and ingredients are added, the crab will be stumped and cracked by a wooden pestle to increase the sweetness of the salad dish, while giving it a seafood taste.

In this case here, the roadside restaurant must have either missed the procedure or the crab was simply too strong. Perhaps it’s just not the right time to die yet. Anyhow we are very happy that the crab managed to escape and also very grateful to the gentleman who decided to release it back to the river.

Well done buddy!

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