If this dad had to let go of that fishing line again, trust me…he would!

This has got to be one of the scariest moment for anyone who enjoys fishing in a lake. I don’t know where he got the courage from, especially knowing that the “muddy water” is mostly likely infested with vicious man eaters…CROCODILES! That’s just nuts! What’s even more crazy is that he had his own daughter with him all along. yes, on that very same kayak!

I mean seriously…what the beep is wrong with you dude!

So this father and his little girl were enjoying a camping trip in Lake Fausse Pointe State Park, LA. Some of the main attractions there are fishing, kayaking and canoeing by the lake (huh??). Anyways, so the dad decided to take his daughter with him on his kayak fishing journey. He set the bait into the “not so clear” water using a special noodle rigging method, which is specially designed to catch catfish.

The weather was beautiful and they were enjoying the freedom of paddling by the river. Suddenly, he realized something was biting onto his fishing line and when he went to collect his noodle, he thought he got the catch of the day.

Well…technically, he did!

Wasn’t that scary or what? He certainly let go of that fishing line rather quickly, but I honestly don’t know how he could still stay in that water. I mean…if it was me, I would of kept pedalling and pedalling until I reach the shore. I wouldn’t even look back, not even for 1 second, not a chance, and I can almost guarantee you that I will break the world record as the fastest kayaker on earth!

As for the little girl, she was obviously shocked and scared. She couldn’t contain her tears and just kept crying while yelling “I’m scared”. Who could blame her? After all, she almost wanted to reach her hand in to help her daddy out. Luckily, her dad stopped her in time…otherwise, who knows what could have happened.

Why go kayaking when there are alligators?

This is the only question that’s inside my head right now. I know they are now okay and stuff (Thank God!), but it seems that the Lake Fausse Pointe State Park is well known to beautiful views and alligators, so why would you risk your life and worst, your “own” children’s life if you knew that there’s a very high chance that there will be alligators in the waters. This is the only thing I don’t get…

Yes, they actually have warning signs there too and while I wouldn’t exactly say that the father was feeding the crocs, fishing in that lake definitely wasn’t the brightest activity to do with your loved ones. Call it close encounter or whatever, but I doubt this family will go back to this fishing spot anytime soon.

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