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Life is like a train ride

Life is like a train ride that leads you to the grave,

there are many stops in between,

but no one will be able to ride with you till the end,

not even your friends, your family or loved ones.

You will see many people boarding the same train, getting off and getting on,

and if you are lucky, someone will be able to ride with you for a very long time,

but when this person needs to get off at the next stop,

no matter how unwilling it may be, you should be grateful,

smile, let go and wave goodbye,

because there will always be someone else who will get on from the next stop…

Coffee Bitter or Sweet?

Whether a coffee taste bitter or sweet,

has nothing to do with the way it was brewed,

instead, it is whether sugar was added or not.

Similar to a painful experience, it’s not about whether you can forget it or not,

what matters is, you added enough courage to stand up again.

Bike with flowers

Those who chase 2 rabbits at once,

they will never catch anything,

don’t be greedy in going too many different directions,

don’t attempt anything that you have no idea about,

don’t even try things that are impossible,

stick to what you know best, hold on and rewards will follow.

Children of God

A bottle of water sells for $2 at a convenience store,

but the same bottle of water will cost $10 in a five star hotel,

that’s why sometimes,

a person’s value will be measured by where he is standing in life.

But understand that every human is like God’s bitten apple,

that’s why each one of us will have flaws,

even though some flaws may be bigger than others,

but that’s only because God loves them more.

Life crystal ball

When love is still fresh,

couples will wonder what good things they’ve done in the past to deserve such love.

After marriage though,

they will begin to wonder what sins they’ve committed to deserve such life.

Knitting Wool

The relationship between 2 person is like knitting a sweater,

it requires time, effort, one stitch at a time,

unfortunately, to tear down this sweater, it only requires a gentle pull…

Marriage is not about 1 + 1 = 2

It is about 0.5 + 0.5 = 1

that means each needs to take away half of their own personality,

accept and combine with one another to make it a whole,

Purple life

Life can be very very long, but can also be very very short!

Please cherish your friends and family,

as time together will never last, once it’s gone, it is gone!

Be grateful to life, be grateful to your parents, brothers and sisters,

Because to meet in this life is not easy,

and there’s no guarantee that you will meet again in the next,

so please cherish…cherish…and cherish.


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