Japanese Manners Lesson 1 – How To Bow Like A Deer

Yes, the type of deer who works for Santa Claus.
This is how to bow in Japan, like a deer.

Youtube / MsWLazyTraveler 懶人的旅途偶遇

Manners are very important in the Japanese culture, that’s why people who were raised in Japan tends to be more polite and friendly in general. You’ll see it in their speech, their attitude, their facial expressions, but most noticeable of all, their body gesture.

Bowing is one of them, and have been a traditional gesture manner in Japan for thousands of years, regardless if you’re human….or animal.

Take our “Deer” friend here for example, he’s been stuck in Japan ever since Santa fired him. In order to survive in the unknown society, he needed to learn a few traditions. And bowing is one of the manners he’s perfected over time.

So people…get ready for Japanese Manners Lesson 1.

Watch and learn

Not sure about humans, but if you’re an animal living in Japan. I’m 100% certain you won’t have any problems finding food once you mastered the bowing technique. Just bow whenever you see people and food will come.

So why do the Japanese bow anyway?

Bowing has been a tradition dating back many many centuries. It is a way of showing respect towards other people, but can actually be used in many different situations such as:

  • Greeting Someone (Hello, Good Morning, Good Evening etc)
  • Thanking Someone (Thank you, I really appreciate etc)
  • Congratulating Someone (E.g new born baby)
  • Apologizing (Sorry, I did something wrong etc)
  • Worshipping (Idols, Elders, Spiritual Statues etc)
  • Formal Situations (Ceremonies, Funerals, Classes etc)

You see, it’s really simple…even a deer can do it.

Now where is Santas Claus when you need him?


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