Intelligent bird & dog used bread as BAIT for fishing!

Watching this made me feel a shame of my own fishing skills…

We all know that animals are naturally born with skills necessary for survival, especially when it comes to hunting for food. But who would have thought that just like humans, there are certain breeds that are somehow smarter than others. You can say they are naturally gifted, just like that nerd who always tops the class no matter how hard you tried.

Take a look at this bird for example. It won’t take you long to realize what the bird is trying to accomplish here. Throwing bread in water may seem like a dumb act at first, but the bird is only doing this because it wants a better meal.

What a smart little fella using a tiny piece of bread as fishing bait, casting out and reeling back before catching the meal of the day. Now imaging if the same skill was to apply to a dog.

Yes, this clever Golden Retriever is no ordinary dog either. It knows a very similar fishing technique which you will see in the following video.

We see the lovely dog here using some bread pieces as bait on the water surface, while waiting patiently and “quietly” for the fish to approach before snapping it up with it’s fast jaws. Seriously…whoever owns this dog will never die from hunger.

Even though the video only shows the dog catching one fish, but from our understanding, it has caught at least a dozen more fishes already using the same strategy including a few turtles too.

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