Why you should NEVER say these Hurtful Words to your lover?

Hurt couple

Communication is an art, especially for a couple. What you say to your lover can have a dramatic impact on your relationship and can be outright hurtful. Whenever you speak, you should always take their feelings into consideration. Otherwise, one wrong sentence can lead to a cold war, or worst, become the reason for a break up.

So today we have compiled a list of things you shouldn’t say to your partner. Ok, I’ll be the first person to admit that I have committed a few of these myself, but thankfully, my lover is an understanding soul. In saying that, others may not be so lucky, so please check them out.

My ex will always…why don’t you…

This is a really painful thing to say to your loved one, whether to a man or woman. Often, this will become a tipping point for a break up. So please don’t say this, otherwise, chances are, your partner will just say “Why don’t you go back to your ex…”

You won’t get it…even if I told you…

If you ever said this, you are basically saying your other half has low intelligence, or worst, outright stupid! Even if it’s true, or your just can’t be bother explaining…just don’t use these words. If you do, you are also hinting that he or she shouldn’t mind your business, so if this is something you really want…then by all means go ahead!

It’s all my fault..ok?

At first, it seems like an apology, but there is no sincerity whatsoever. In fact, it makes you sound childish. Sometimes, it’s better to just explain things clearly than make it sound so perfunctory.

Ok, what now?

Sounds impatient doesn’t it? Well you get the idea, so imagine if he or she was still at the tip of boiling point, waiting for you to pacify and you suddenly said this….oh, may God have mercy.

You just do whatever you want…

This is another way of saying “I don’t care about your life anymore!”. Can you imagine how hurtful it is hearing this? Really, this type of words should never appear in a relationship, no matter what!

I told you…why don’t you listen?

One of the most irresponsible thing to say and nobody like hearing this. When a problem appears, you should discuss with each other to get it resolved. Not pointing fingers…

Drink more warm water

When your other half is sick or not feeling well, most guys will say this (Yes, man are the worst offender here). Then she becomes angry for no reason? Why?? That’s because she thinks you are not willing to comfort her, not making the effort to make her feel better. If you really care, then first understand what the problem is, then decide what she should eat, drink or if she needs to see a doctor….not just drink more water…duh!

Where are you, what are you doing, who are you with?

If these questions are asked too often, it will become annoying and outright pointless. Relationship is based on trust. Your partner will think that you trying to control his or her every move. Over time, this will become a psychological barrier within a relationship and is often the reason that leads to a sad ending.

Well, that’s how I am…that’s just me!

True, everyone is different and has their own personality. But sometimes, for the sake of love, for someone you truly love, it can be a good thing to perhaps just change a little, and to accommodate that special person. Why not? Doesn’t he or she deserve it?

You other half will know and see the efforts you put in, and will ultimately be moved by your changes. If you keep being so self centered and that everyone else should just put up with you…then really, who will have the strength to stay until the end…your call.

Have you ever committed any of the above?

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