Human figure walking on thin air (completely) defying gravity…Jesus Christ!

Could this be Jesus, Buddha, Allah or any other…GOD? After all, they are the only “Supernatural” beings who’s allowed to defy gravity like that in the sky. Sure, we can always add aliens to the mix, but then…that’s another unproven field which we don’t want to get into too much.

What you are about to witness is true…at least to our naked eyes and it happened in Pheonix, AZ, inside the Javelina Trail on the South Mountain. A mountain biker was enjoying a ride at dawn and at approx. 7pm, he saw something really strange floating in the sky. It’s almost like a person was walking on thin air. He stopped immediately to take pictures and videos, but he couldn’t quite explain what the “figure” was…

See for yourself!

The more you look at it, the more human form it seems as if a person was carrying a jetpack while walking on air. Well that’s just in scientific terms…you know, like an astronaut who’s coming back to earth in his spacesuit or something, and yes, I do have good imaginations at times…but you just never know!

Due to the distance, this biker estimated the figure to be around 30-50 feet in height (which probably puts my explanation to bed) and he also suggested that it could be a deflated hot air balloon, but if that’s the case here, it’s travelling too close to the nearby airport. Not to mention that it was descending a little slow if it was indeed, a crash landing object.

The rider tried to video this for as long as he could and even went through different tracks in order to keep following it, before it disappeared from the horizon. According to different sources, he has reported this to the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and this incident has been filed with a case ref number: 75606. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we can have a definite answer.

So what about Jesus Christ?

Well…like I said, this is not a field we really want to get into….at least not until we have sufficient evidence to suggest otherwise. I mean, pictures about Jesus, Buddha or other superior beings makes their way online all the time, but it’s definitely not as solid as what this guys captured here. Either way, to satisfy those who can’t get enough of the supernaturals. Here’s another video you may like…

Ok so Jesus is coming and it’s been 2 years since we saw this…cloud.

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