How She Lives Inside A Laundry Bowl Is Absolutely Heartbreaking!

So anyone want to complain about life?
This girl lives inside a plastic laundry bowl.

Photo Credit: Youtube / Barcroft TV

Her name is Rahma Haruna, a 19 year old girl living in a small village of Kano, Nigeria. She was born a perfectly healthy baby…until a couple of months in. Rahma suffered from an abnormal disease or medical condition which had put her growth to a complete halt. Her limbs and body no longer grows like a normal baby would…except her head.

This all happened when Rahma had a severe fever at 6 months old. It followed by stomachache, then pain in all her limbs. Since then she can hardly move her limbs at all and had to endure constant aches which she is now getting used to. Her father worked very hard and spent a lot of money in the hope of finding a cure for her condition, but unfortunately were met with unknown diagnoses with some doctors even suggesting that a curse had been placed on her.

In order to provide the best care for Rahma, her family placed her inside a plastic laundry bowl. This allowed easier transportation for those who are caring for her. One of her primary carer is her brother, Fahad, a wonderful 10 year old kid who will help bath his sister, feed her and also take her out for walks in her plastic bowl. Though since Rahma’s story surfaced online. Some generous person donated a wheelchair making their lives much easier.

While sad to watch, it’s comforting in a way to see that this girl is still full of life!

As you can see from the video Rahma would like to run a business some day. A grocery store and I can almost guess the reason behind this ambitious thought, she wants to provide back to her family?

Anyhow good to see this girl is all smile.

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