This Guy Danced 15 Songs In Car, But Mom Wasn’t Impressed

Not sure how she did it, but her poker face made my day LOL!
This mother's poker face is hilarious!

Source: Youtube / Moretoki

A mixed race teen who’s lucky enough to have an American dad and a Japanese mom recently stormed into the online scene. His name is Motoki Maxted and if you haven’t heard of him, then you’re gonna have some real fun today. This guy basically danced and lip synced his way to fame.

Not interested? At least check out his mom, but hey NOT that kind of way!

Serious…whatever crazy moves her son flopped out didn’t seem to impress her one bit. She was just doing her “good motherly” role, completely ignoring her son’s stupidity, his in-car rage, and just kept focusing on the road safely driving to their destination…wherever that is.

Try not to laugh ok?

Isn’t Motoki a natural in the entertainment business? While he was absolutely hilarious in whatever he was doing, I personally reckon his mother was the icing on the cake, especially that last bit where she couldn’t take it anymore and turned off his recording device.

What a cool mom!

And yes, we have seen some crazy car pool karaoke in 2016, but this solo performance was definitely up there. In case some of you are wondering what his lip sync songs are, here’s the complete list:

Me too – Meghan Trainor
Sorry – Justin Bieber
I Took a Pill in Ibiza – Mike Posner
Can’t Stop this Feeling – Justin Timberlake
Cheap Thrills – Sia
Panda – Desiigner
One Dance – Drake
Pillowtalk – Zayn Malik
Don’t Mind – Kent Jones
Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers ft. Daya
Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots
This is What You Came for – Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna
Why You Always Hatin’ – YG
Work – Rihanna
Work From Home – Fifth Harmony

Dammit…now I can’t seem to get this guy’s face out of my head. His face expressions were too funny! Good on him and I hope he will go far in whatever he is trying to accomplish here…with his mom.

So did you like Motoki’s sudden in car madness?

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