Don’t believe in ghosts? Look at these 7 paranormal images!

Whether you’re a religious person or not, you can’t deny the fact that there are many things in this world which cannot be explained with science and technology. Some of these “hard to debunk” subjects includes ghosts, devils, angels and many other paranormal identities.

Sure, we have much better cameras now and even EVPs to record voices from the other side (or so they claim), but because of these technologies, many fake videos and photoshop images also began to surface online. It’s just hard to know what’s real anymore.

Thankfully, we have “experts” who can tell us whether an image has been edited or not, and these 7 images I’m about to show you…well, they couldn’t find any “wrong doings” in them. But does that make them real?

I’ll let you decide.

1) Dark entity on top of patient

Dark entity in hospital

This image was apparently captured from a hospital monitor and it appears a dark entity, somewhat demonic, is standing on top of a patient in a hospital. Several hours later…this patient sadly passed away. Hope his soul wasn’t taken away by this thing.

2) He was waiting for her

Granpa ghost waiting

This photo was taken during a family picnic in 1997. The grandmother in the picture passed away soon after and when the family reviewed the photo, they noticed someone familiar standing behind her. It happened to be grandpa who died 13 years before this image was taken.

3) Watching over you

Grandma Ghost

We see this in movies all the time, when someone is about to leave the world, they will tell their loved ones that “I’ll be watching over you”. Well, this is exactly what happened here. A little girl took a selfie on a cellphone and accidentally captured her grandmother who had already passed away years ago. You may say that’s warm, but I found it rather spooky.

4) I just want to help

Help Lady

She was well known for her kindness in helping people from the Paul of Tarsus Spiritual Centre in Brazil. According to the man who took this photo at the premise, there was no one in the room with him, but many recognized that face…Miss Magnolia, who had already passed away.

5) Evil dog or demon face?

Evil Dog

This is a creepy photo taken by a couple who attended a birthday party. The man’s name is Joe Martinez and he claimed that there were no dogs inside the house that day, but even if that was indeed a dog…it still looks quite evil. And if that’s what a demon really look like….OMG FREAKY!!

6) Did i wake you?

Renovation Ghost

If you have been watching paranormal investigation shows such as ghost hunters or ghost adventurers, then you will learn a thing or two about disturbing spirits when renovating your home. All the loud bangs, making holes or messing with the walls can apparently open a portal for “them” to reach the other side. This is probably what happened here with Mr Walsh when he renovated his home. He captured this apparition of a woman in white floating on top of the stairs as if she is making a statement. By the way, this photo was taken all the way back in 1929, so almost impossible for them to fake this one.

7) Abandoned factory, abandoned someone

Factory Ghost

A local resident from Bridgeport, USA took this image from an old unused gun factory nearby. It appears to be a ghost who’s been abandoned there looking out the window. Now I can’t really see what the gender is, but if I’m correct, it should be a female and she is wearing a white dress and top.

So there you go people, did that make you believe more about ghost and the afterlife?

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