Was A Ghost Responsible For This Motorcycle Accident In USA?

May the victim’s soul RIP…

On Tuesday 12th of July 2016, a fatal motorcycle accident happened in the town of Powell County, Kentucky, America. The rider unfortunately died due to severe injuries caused by the crash when his motorbike landed to the side fence of the road. It is believed that no other vehicles were involved in the accident…except a nearby witness who noticed something “ghostly” unusual.

When ambulance and police officers arrived at the scene, so did Saul Vazquez, the nearby witness who happened to be driving his truck on the other side of the road. Out of curiosity, he took a picture of the incident but he certainly didn’t expect this.

As you can see, a white ghost spirit was captured above the motorcycle accident and since then, the photo has gone viral with many people on social media claiming that human figure mist belongs to the victim of the crash. This obviously caught our interest but so did the report that came from DailyMail.

According to the article…

He was taken to hospital where he later passed away from his injuries, emergency workers said.

So this basically means the victim should still be alive during the time when the picture was taken, right?

Now if the ghostly spirit wasn’t the victim’s soul, then who could it possibly be? As a matter of fact, was “it” responsible for the deadly crash since no other drivers were involved?

Let’s take a closer look again at the picture.

White spirit picture above accident in USA

Think about this for a second, since we have confirmation from emergency workers that the victim didn’t die at the scene. Then the soul should still be attached to the body (considering that soul is real), so we can pretty much eliminate the “Soul Leaving The Body” theory that has been circling on social media.

In saying that, it still doesn’t explain what our witness have captured here. Why was this entity or ghostly form starring at the victim from above? Why is it even there in the first place considering the man was still alive at the time? Was it an evil spirit, an innocent ghost or perhaps death itself?

What do you think?

Spooky if you ask me…