Why wasn’t this funny guy in the Police Academy movie?

For those of you who have seen the classic comedy hit, “Police Academy”, you will know the perfect definition for “Stupid, but Heaps Funny”! I can almost still remember all the characters from this blockbuster hit, even though I watched this like…30 years ago. Damn, am i really that old now?

Recently, I saw a video online about a funny cop directing traffic in the busy street of India and oh boy, was he hilarious or what?? He literally single handedly reminded me of the Police Academy movie. I just wish this guy was in it…I mean, he would have been an absolute star!

Funny Traffic Cop Source: Youtube
He simply didn’t care how people looks at him, a natural born entertainer!

Directing Traffic Source: Youtube
Don’t ask me how he does it, but using his dance moves, he can control the flow of traffic to near perfection!

Selfie with cop Source: Youtube
Haha! A lady couldn’t help but took a selfie with him.

In case you’re wondering. his name is Kunwar Ranjeet Singh and he is an obsessive Michael Jackson fan who basically dance himself to national fame while working as a traffic officer, entertaining each and every cars, including pedestrians who happens to share the same road as him.

Now before you watch this video, make sure you grab a box of tissue, because by the end of it, I was cracking up laughing in tears…check it out!

Seriously, i had no idea what he was doing, but according to Hindustan Times, he simply does it to entertain commuters so that they will obey traffic rules. This was his goal ever since two of his friends passed away from a road accident. Even his superiors praised his efforts and commanded his unusual moonwalk traffic controlling style.

Well, thank you Kunwar Ranjeet Singh, the next time I head to Indore, I’ll make sure to pop by and pay you a visit. Who knows, maybe we can even do a few moves together…lol.

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