A Force De t’aimer – A French song that made me cry

I am by no means French and do not understand a single word that were sung in this song. But I guess this is the magic when it comes to music, that is, I don’t even need to understand the lyrics meaning and can somehow connect deeply…to a point where it made me cry.

To be honest, there’s nothing really special about the MTV video and while it isn’t bad, it was enough to express the soulfulness in the tunes. Now because of the effect it had on me, I needed to find out what the song means, what the lyrics means and thankfully, a friend of mine who lives in Paris offered to help translate the song. She said it’s not a perfect translation, but close enough.

Before I tell you the meaning in English, please listen to it first and see if you felt the same kind of sadness like I did. You don’t even need to watch the video if you don’t want to, but just listen…

Source: Vimeo / eiji cheng

So how did you feel?

Nothing? Ok…you’re not human so get out! We don’t want you here at Tizzue Box!

Oh you did? Good…and in case you are wondering, the voice belongs to a French Singer, Frederick Dalian and his band. Don’t they sound amazing?

Anyway, now as promised…here’s what the lyrics mean:

It’s been 2 years since we broke up.

Tears still drops in my heart

I know who you are with now

But I really don’t want to think about it


We’ve been through so much and had so many dreams together

Why is it now that I’m all alone by myself

I can no longer use words to express

That my love for you has never changed

Because of love (A Force De t’aimer), I’ve lost my happiness

As if my heart has lost track of time and distance

Because of love, like a mixture of bitterness

Can only blame myself for not taking my chance with both hands

Because of love, I’ve never forget you

Every moment we’ve spent together has been carved into my heart

Because of love, like a mixture of sweetness

I’ve cherished our relationship and the moon can be my witness, my love for you…


It’s been 2 years since we broke up

I still have hopes of us getting back together

I know who you are with right now, but I really don’t want to think about it…


That’s it for the translation.

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