Female Police Off Duty, In Her Bikini And Caught A Thief

Did I mention she’s got a nice and strong body?
Off Duty Female Police Officer Caught A Thief

Source: Instagram / mikaelakellner

A Swedish female police officer was sunbathing with friends, in her bikini, when a man attempted and successfully stole a cellphone from them…almost! When this policewoman realized her friend had lost a mobile phone, she quickly acted on instinct, chased down the thief, wrestled him to the ground and restrained him with an arm lock until an on duty officer arrived.

This is usually something you only see in movies, mostly comedies (ring any bells?), but this time it was 100% real. The incident happened on 27/07/2016 at the RÃ¥lambshov Park in Stockholm. Off duty officer, Mikaela Kellner was enjoying the nice sun in her bikinis with a group of friends when a stranger suddenly approached them in an attempt to sell them a magazine for the homeless.

Even though the group declined to buy the magazine, the man kept loitering around so Mikaela became suspicious and told her friends to watch their belongings. When the man left, one of her friend noticed a mobile phone had gone missing. Officer Mikaela quickly reacted on instinct, chased the man and recovered the lost mobile which he had snatched when he placed a magazine on top of it.

Since the incident happened, Mikaela posted the photo of her and another friend (who also happens to be a policewoman) holding down the sneaky thief on Instagram and the picture has since gone viral.

Check it out!

I don’t know about you, but officer Mikaela is not the type of woman you want to mess with, let alone stealing from. Just look how fit she is and those muscles in her arms. That’s a very strong female I can tell you and then there’s two of them….wrong group to pickpocket from buddy!

Jokes aside, we are extremely happy to see there are real police around us to keep us safe and even though this female officer was off duty, she still did what a real police will do in similar scenario. Just can’t praise her enough and truly inspiring!

As for all the other bikini clad law abiding citizens out there, please be alert when a stranger approach you trying to sell stuff. This type of tricks are quite common these days so watch out for these scumbags, your belongings and eachother.

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