Email by father who died 2 years ago. Many cried with him, including me!

Dad typing up email

Most people will be delighted to receive letters or emails from their family and loved ones. But what if this person was already dead? Wouldn’t you be scared? A puzzled man recently made headlines after uploading a post on a popular social media platform, “reddit”, about how he received an email from his father who died two years ago.

At first, he was confused, then he laughed a little, before tears started dripping from his heart. Many people cried with him because it triggered their emotions and memories, including me. Now don’t get me wrong, my father is still alive and well, but being a parent myself with 2 kids, it just somehow connected with me so I totally understand where his dad was coming from…

Reddit post Original Reddit post

“Hello Son, I am talking to you from the grave, wooooooooo…”, this is how the email started and according to the redditor, his dad had passed away 2 years ago. Knowing his dad’s sense of humour, he knew it was him straight away and believed his dad had used a service such as FutureMe to schedule this email when we was still alive.

“I always said I will come back and haunt you. Seriously, by the time you read this, I will have passed on. Hopefully by now you have adjusted well enough to life without the old man and you have managed to help your mother adjust. I have complete confidence you will be taking just as good care of her as I did.”, the email continued.

Majority of the email has been kept private by the poster and out of respect to him and his family, I also decided to stop here. However, this didn’t stop other redditors storming in to share their own emotional stories. This particular one caught my attention.

Reddit post by findpolaris Source: Reddit

This redditor who goes by the name of Findpolaris shared an excerpt from his dad’s computer. She explained that her dad wasn’t a native english speaker, but you can understand feel how genuine his dad was when he wrote it. Sometimes, we don’t know how important some moments are until it’s too late to go back and this is another perfect example of such regret.

Would you setup future email entries for your children?

Many people who commented on the post said they are now going to setup future emails for their kids. I’m still reluctant to fully praise the idea. I mean, it is a great idea and perhaps an indirect way to get your children to know more about you. But that’s exactly what it is, an indirect way for them to learn about you.

Why not just let them find out more about you directlywhile you’re still alive?

Time is always on your hand as long as you’re still breathing, but then…I suppose it couldn’t hurt to send them a surprise email letting them know how important they are, something that could perhaps be hard to say face to face, while leaving a special memory.

I’m not so sure about sending periodic future emails either since I would much rather my loved ones to just let go and move on, instead of reminding them continuously to think about me, making them live in pain. As for all the other happy moments, I’m sure they will either be on facebook, photo albums or something similar…

But then again, that’s just me….so what about you?

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