Ellie the elephant found happiness after a “different” breed arrived!

Like an orphan, Ellie was left behind by his family due to one of the strangest reasons. He is sick and has hernia like tumours on his stomach, which is causing him an infection. Yes, that’s why his family left him behind and unfortunately, this is how it works in the elephant world. If they know that you are carrying a disease or some sort of fatal illness…you will be dumped by the herd.

Luckily for Ellie, he met a rescue group from the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, located in Africa. The sanctuary staff there provided food, water and around the clock care for Ellie in the hope that he will be cured from his hernias and abscesses. Sadly, his body wasn’t responding to the treatments and he was losing hope fast. In fact, he didn’t even want to fight for his life anymore…

Until a “Totally Different” breed came along…

Source: Earth Touch

Yes, his name is Duma and he is a canine German Shepard, a completely different breed to Ellie. The funny thing is that ever since Duma came into Ellie’s life, they’ve instantly became best friends! There is finally light in Ellie’s life and he wasn’t feeling lonely anymore.

This unusual friendship between a dog and an elephant has incredibly lifted Ellie’s spirit so much that his body has since responded better to the treatments provided. Now…the baby elephant is said to be on the road to a full recovery all thanks to this new friendly companion and of course the wonderful staff at the orphanage.

Be strong Ellie! Enjoy life and we will definitely keep an eye out on you guys.

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