So the earth actually have lungs and can breathe? Yes, but only in Italy!

This was an horrifying scene captured by a tourist in Italy. Apparently, the earth seems to have lungs and can breathe just like human beings. When i first saw this, no kidding, i had a really eerie feeling and actually thought that the end of the world was near!

According to the footage, this was taken in a small town of Cadimere. You can clearly see the hard ground sucking in deep breaths filling its lung to it’s capacity and then letting go.

You really have to see it for yourself.

Source: Youtube / cittadellaspezia

According to experts, this wasn’t a case of paranormal phenomenon, nor is it the end of the world (Phew). The reason why those bricks keep coming up is because of the waves that are hitting up land near the Gulf of La Spezia (North of Italy). When the sea gets rough, these powerful waves can get under the quay creating air pockets which pushes up the stones, hence creating the land breathing effect.

Absolutely amazing and personally, i have never seen anything like it…not even close!

Have you?

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