Captured on video! Female driver escaped uninjured after her car flipped more than 720 degrees in the air!

Ever wonder what will happen if your car suddenly flipped into the air doing a 720, perhaps more, before landing on the ground? Well, this is exactly what happened to this female driver.

A car travelling on one of the roads in Wells, England, had a rather shocking, but lucky accident, which was captured on video by one of the opposite vehicle’s dashboard camera. This video was uploaded on youtube and you can see the whole accident appear in front of your very own eyes.

Don’t blink…

From the video footage, it appears to be a rainy day and this blue car suddenly lost control on the slippery road. It skidded to it’s left side, climbed onto the slope before it flew into the air due to it’s speed and momentum, doing more than a 720 degrees turn as it went passed the video cameraman (Opposite car).

Thankfully, according to witnesses who saw the accident, the female driver on board miracally escaped uninjured. However, it was no doubt a shocking and terrifying experience for her. So please…for anyone who travels daily in a motor vehicle. Please drive safely…especially in wet weathers!

Always check your tyres too to make sure they are in good working conditions, because accidents like this can be prevented if we’re willing to take the necessary precautions. Seriously, a few hundred bucks for a good set of tyres could save you and your family’s life. Well worth it…if you ask me.

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