When this kid answered her doll question at 06:57, i realized that we must be doing something Very Wrong!

It’s currently year 2016, but unfortunately racism still exist in today’s society and not just in America, but also every other parts of the world, every country. The reality is, we never really had a proper subject or specific education in school to teach children the importance of understanding different ethnic backgrounds and most importantly, equality.

Children are the purest form of human you can find and when they are asked a certain question, they tend to tell the truth, especially if it’s just a simple question such as black or white, good or bad, etc.

Let’s see how these kids answer these simple questions.

WARNING: It may break your heart!

Source: Youtube / Dixonfuller2011

I understand that some of you are busy and will probably skip through some parts of the video. That’s completely understandable, but if you do, i insist that you check on 06:57 where this lady asked a young boy which doll he looks like, the black or the white.

Just check out that part and his answer may shock you…

Nevertheless, i still believe we have a serious racism problem in our society and even though it is getting much better, the misperception of skin color and its use to judge a person’s morality is still happening. It doesn’t even matter which country you are from, it happens everywhere even in small nations.

People are judged by their ethnic heritage, their background and most importantly the color of their skin. This is not only sad, but very wrong! If a child believes that he can trust a white person more than a black person (Yes, he actually said that in the video), we must ask ourselves as parents, or simply as adults, what kind of information are we feeding these children with.

Still remember this song?

Source: Youtube / Philippe Blanchard

(Sorry Michael, just thought we’ll use your song to remind people again that “It doesn’t matter if you are black or white!”. I’m sure you don’t mind so please RIP, you are and will always be a LEGEND!)

So there you go people! Stop being racist and stop calling people names, whether it is Ching Chong, Niggar (There, i said it!), Nips, Gooks, indian curry or whatever. This is just completely wrong, something has to change and we should start today!

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