Dog patrols temple daily, at the SAME time, and the reason is…

If this dog was trained as a security guard…i would hire him!

Over the last 2 weeks, medias have spotted an unusual sighting in a small town of Karnataka, India. Apparently there is a dog who has been patrolling a temple, at a set time, each day without fail. Even when there are people in his path, he will just walk around the traffic and continue circling. Residents found this act to be very strange, but nobody knows why…

According to the local media, the dog will start doing his patrol from early 4am and each time he does one lap around the building, he will look to the south and starts barking a few times before continuing again. This act will go on until 10am in the morning, then he will stop his work before heading home. Though some residents have reported that he does work overtime on certain days.

The staff from the Mahalakshmi temple have noticed this dog for more than a week and when they are asked the question why, the staff members believe the dog is trying to remove a curse placed upon by a devil. To be honest, whatever the case might be, you’ve got to admire the animal’s sheer determination because even if he was disturbed by pedestrians, he will just keep going as if it’s his real job.

Let’s say if someone threw stones at the dog during his daily routine, even if it stopped him for the day, he will simply come back the next day to continue on. Another time when he spotted reporters trying to capture his act on camera, he will stop circling, wait until the crew leaves the area before doing his patrol again.

Because of this unusual sighting, more and more people are coming to this Hindu temple to see it for themselves and it’s even causing traffic congestion around the area.

So why do you think the dog is doing this?

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